Do you like what you are reading? Do you want to cross that forbidden line between business and pleasure? Awesome, because DutchReview wants to offer you the possibility to advertising your business on our web-site!

Placing your advertisement on our pages is a guarantee that your message will be heard by a large and dynamic crowd. DutchReview is aimed at a host of people either living in the Netherlands, or having a strong affinity with all things Dutch. With over 150.000 unique visitors each month, your advertisement will not fall on deaf ears.

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Off the record: we’re growing with more than 1K followers on Facebook every month. So fast that this nice factsheet can’t keep up 😉

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Content Marketing

The best option for most parties is content marketing. DutchReview will feature your product in an article written in our typical style. Your product will draw attention in an authentic way, we will only feature products that fit DutchReview thereby always ensuring a natural and authentic experience for our readers.

Content Marketed articles will also help your business get ahead in the long run. Our articles will remain online for years to come; continually linking to your business. Your website will also receive a sustainable SEO boost by being linked to by DutchReview.

Naturally we will promote your article on our social media outlets. Examples of content marketing would be:

  • Listicle (“8 great things about learning Dutch”)
  • A guide    (‘The definitive guide for finding the right house in Holland’)
  • A review    (‘Wanna have a great night in the Hague? This is the place’)

Together we will decide on what style and kind of article will fit your needs and goals best. We’re always open for the idea of combining content marketing with other advertizing methods.

Want to know more? Contact us and email to abuzer[at]