What we actually do here besides sticking our finger in the dike

Social media and the Dutch Spring

After the Middle East, and to some extend India and some other countries, now even the Netherlands seem to be in a little "spring-revolution” thanks to the new possibilities of social media. Should the Binnenhof fear for its survival?

Left punch to E5: The Art of Chess-Boxing

We Dutchmen have brought a lot of things into this world (got fire hoses? Yeah, thought so…). Being a small country and growing up in a world where every neighbor wants to conquer or enslave you made us a resourceful bunch, with a list of innovations including but not limited to instruments of war (got submarine snorkels? Oh wait, that doesn’t sound cool at all…). Ever since Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek McGayvered himself a fancy microscope, daring the Royal Society to look at an extreme close-up of his unsavory mini-troopers (no, seriously!), we’ve been conjuring up new shit like nobody’s business.