Is it too early to already start talking about King’s day and to give you recommendations on where to go? We don’t think so!

King Willem-Alexander will be turning 52 this year, and he’s going to be spending his birthday in the wonderful city of Amersfoort. 

This King’s Day, the mayor of the city, Lucas Bolsius wants to emphasize on togetherness, reports NOS. He wants to show that the people who live there come from 120 different nationalities, and that together they make the city.

King’s Day in the Netherlands: a time to party!

The royal family will go through the city, starting from Mariënhof, and will be greeted by 300 children from the city. They will make their way to the historic centre, where the 8 municipalities around Amersfoort will have demonstrations like storytelling and regional quizzes where they will compete with each other. They also want to celebrate the art and life of Piet Mondriaan who comes from the city, and combine that with art displays that pay special attention to sustainability.

But wait! No King’s Day is complete without a party, right? The mayor sees it as a big challenge, and he isn’t shying away from that. Even though he is not certain how this party will be, he assures a memorable one!

Have you ever taken a walk through the city, done a pubcrawl there, explored the restaurants, done a photowalk, or even a chocolate tour? No? Well, check out this article, and tell me after that if you’re not convinced!

Or see our video for 7 hotspots! 


Are you going to go to meet the royal family? Amersfoort seems like a fun day trip idea too!To know how it was last year in the Netherlands, check this article out! Let us know in the comments if you are, or even if you aren’t!

Feat image cc by 2.0: Flickr/Floris Looijesteijn (unchanged)



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