On Prinjesdag the true heroes are not the police, or royals – that’s right, it’s the horses! Here is why we should appreciated these magnificent animals on such an eventful day.

Do not allow the royals to entirely steal the show on Prinsjesdag

Today is another edition of the Prinsjesdag. Some say that it is little more than the annual event during which the King or Queen reads a long, boring statement concerning budget spendings and predictable well-wishes for the plebs. Don’t let these people fool you: Prinsjesdag is actually all about silly hats, avoiding dangerous incidents, calling things racist, and putting together a kick-ass team of elite horses.

Photography: Bas Arps
Photography: Bas Arps

The horses on Prinsjesdag should be the real scene stealers

That’s right, horses. Horses are cool because they bring back fond memories of the days of knights in shining armour, of adventures and quests to lands far away. They are also a complete liability because, being animals, they are less predictable than simple engine-driven machines. When the crowds you need to walk by are a frantic bunch of even-so unpredictable weirdos (some of whom may even through candleholders at you), it’s important to have standards when putting together your Horse Squad. That’s why we have this:

As part of their hardcore training to get the best of the best, the horse elite have to show courage in the face of smoke bombs, a military brass band, gun shots, and the absolutely-undeniably worst of all: the sound of screaming children. Those who get through the ordeal without coming down with whatever is the horse equivalent of PTSD get the reward of dragging our King and Queen through the streets of Den Haag at Prinsjesdag.

Will you be attending this year’s Prinjesdag ceremony? Let us know in the comments below!


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