The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus numbers in the Netherlands for today, June 16.

The newest count has revealed an additional 140 cases in the country. Ever since the outbreak began back in February, there’s been a total of 49,087 cases in the Netherlands.

Severe cases of coronavirus lead to four people ending up in the hospital, where they are now receiving care.

Unfortunately, five more people have passed away since the last count. Coronavirus has now caused 6,070 total deaths in the Netherlands

Number of coronavirus patients in ICUs increases for third day in a row

The number of coronavirus patients in ICUs has been increasing for three days in a row. Such growth has not happened ever since the peak of the outbreak in early April.

Nevertheless, Minister Hugo De Jonge stated that there is no reason for panic or to raise any measures.

The government will only intervene if the “signal status” is reached: at least 10 cases of coronavirus patients admitted to ICUs each day, for at least three days straight.

Amsterdam UMC makes major progress with coronavirus antibodies

Some good news come from Amsterdam UMC, where two effective antibodies for the coronavirus were discovered.


The antibodies come from patients that had the coronavirus and are cheap to produce, the plan being to clone them. Animal testing will begin soon, and we might see the first human trials in early 2021.

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Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva


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