The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands for today, June 24.

The newest count reveals 83 new cases of coronavirus throughout the country. Ever since the outbreak began back in February, there’s been a total of 49,804 cases.

Severe cases of coronavirus have lead to 6 people ending up in the hospital where they are now receiving medical care.

Unfortunately, the virus continues to claim lives, and 2 more people have passed away. The coronavirus has caused a total of 6,097 deaths in the Netherlands.

From September 1 we may be able to go watch football games on stadiums

Some good news for football fans! From September 1, there is a chance that fans will be able to go watch again their favourite sport live. Nevertheless, social distancing measures need to be respected, specifically the 1.5-metre distance, both within the stadium and at the entryways and exits.
The Outbreak Management Team recommends banning shouting and singing during the matches, due to the risk of spreading coronavirus.

No limit on the number of event attendees from July 1 onwards

Another measure that will be lifted soon is the restrictions on the number of participants in events. From July 1 onwards, there will no longer be a limit on event attendees.

A distinction is made however between indoor and outdoor events. For indoor events, participants will get a small health check before entering. If there is a blockage at the entrance, the original participant cap of 100 people remains.

For outdoor events, if a medical check is available and there is enough distance, no limit will be set. If not, the limit for outdoor events will be set at 250 participants.


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