The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands, for today, June 4.

As of Monday this week, access to tests became more readily available for all people who have corona-related complaints.

With this in mind, 209 more cases of coronavirus have been reported in the Netherlands, reaching a total of 46,492 cases ever since the outbreak began back in February.

Severe cases of coronavirus lead to 12 people ending up in the hospital. Unfortunately, the virus continues to claim lives. 13 more people have passed away due to the virus, leading to 5,990 casualties throughout the country.

Hague primary school closed after teachers test positive for coronavirus

Primary schools have been reopened for a while, yet the coronavirus still poses a real threat. A primary school in the Hague had to close down after two teachers were tested positive for coronavirus this week.

The teachers stopped teaching last week after having some health complaints and were tested earlier this week. The school has around 500 students, and seven of them have also reported having health complaints that resemble the coronavirus. They will get tested to check if they truly have the virus, and so far, it is unknown when the school will reopen.

Vacation in the Netherlands and Europe this summer, but not the UK, Sweden or the rest of the world

Some clarifications were given by Prime-Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo De Jonge regarding the possibilities of going on a vacation this summer.


Dutch people, or internationals living here, will be able to go on vacation internally throughout the Netherlands, as long as they respect the current measures.

When it comes to other European countries, it depends on the coloured code they have, which shows the level of threat they have due to the coronavirus. The Netherlands hopes to change the code orange to yellow for some countries, which will allow tourists to go to these countries.

From June 15, a code yellow will be given to twelve countries, including Germany, Belgium, Italy, Croatia, and the six ‘Dutch’ Caribbean islands. By July 5, Rutte hopes to be able to add Switzerland, Spain, France, and Austria to that list.

But not for all EU countries; at least for the UK and Sweden, Rutte has said that the situation is still too dangerous to travel there.

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