The latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands has been published by the RIVM.

The RIVM reports that in the past 24 hours, there have been 475 new reported cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of coronavirus in the Netherlands to 39,791. Additionally, there are 85 more hospitalisations. The total is now 10,854. Finally, 98 new deaths have been reported. The total mortality count is now 4,893.

ICU beds continue to free up

As of yesterday, there were 783 patients in intensive care as a result of coronavirus. That was 21 less than the day before, and the nineteenth day in a row in which the number of ICU patients has dropped.

Unknown illness puts several children in intensive care

An unknown illness has put over one hundred children worldwide in intensive care, with several of the children being in the Netherlands. In the UK, it has been confirmed that several children have died from this illness. It is not yet clear if there is any connection to coronavirus, or what this disease is.

Domestic violence victims can use codeword to get help

Domestic violence rates are higher than usual because everyone has to stay at home, so the Ministry for Health is launching a codeword system from next week onwards. Those who are struggling with domestic violence can use the word “masker-19” to get the attention of pharmacy staff, who will then put them in contact with help.

Healthcare workers lack protective gear

A professional association for healthcare workers named V & VN conducted a survey on more than 10,000 people involved in healthcare. 70% of those surveyed reported higher stress than usual due to the coronavirus, with symptoms reported including fatigue, insomnia and a feeling of uncertainty.


Over half of staff in nursing homes and in the GGD report a shortage of protective equipment, especially face masks. Another third of those surveyed report feeling pressured by managers to provide health care without wearing protective gear.

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