The RIVM has published the latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands.

As of today, 146 more cases have been reported in the Netherlands, bringing the total to 44,141 cases countrywide.

In regards to serious cases of the coronavirus, 27 more people have ended up in the hospital.

Lastly and unfortunately, 14 more people have died from the virus, with 5,694 total reported deaths in the country since the outbreak begun.

Number of coronavirus ICU patients increases for the first time in over a month

The number of people with coronavirus in intensive care has gone up slightly for the first time since 11 April. Since that date, fewer coronavirus patients were in ICU beds each day. On Sunday, that increased by 3 to 349. The figures for today have not yet been released, so it remains to be seen if this is a blip or the beginning of a worrying trend.

High schools in a 1.5m society

High schools will reopen on 2 June, but they need to find a way to allow students to keep 1.5m from each other, unlike primary schools. So, different solutions are being trialled, with vulnerable students and students who need to do their education physically in the school building are being prioritised.

Corona-delayed students will get refund on tuition fee

HBO, MBO and university students who are dealing with a delay in graduation as a result of the coronavirus crisis will get a refund of three months’ worth of tuition fee. There will also be extra grants for students who rely on them, but whose grants will now run out before they graduate as a result of the coronavirus crisis.


Hague beach clubs breach coronavirus regulations and plan early reopening

70 beach clubs in The Hague are planning to reopen early this Wednesday, a few days ahead of 1 June, when they are legally allowed to reopen. If the municipality will not allow them to open and give them fines, they will need to do so to the 70 beach operators. And according to them, “If we go bankrupt anyway, such a ticket makes little difference.”

Dutch artwork to take the place of advertisements

The Rembrandt Foundation is planning to liven up city streets with Dutch art. The plan is to showcase famous Dutch works of art in different open spaces throughout the Netherlands. This includes bus stations in over 280 Dutch municipalities. The artworks that will be showcased have been selected by the public.

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