The latest count of coronavirus cases in the Netherlands has been published by the RIVM.

As of today, there are now 335 more cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 40,571 cases.

In regards to hospitalizations, there are 44 more patients in hospitals, bringing the total to 10,995.

There have been unfortunately 69 more deaths since last count, bringing the number of deaths to 5,056.

As you’re probably aware by now, these numbers may not be totally accurate, as deaths and hospitalisations are not always reported on the day they take place. Each Tuesday, the tally for the week before becomes accurate.


Now, as it’s a Sunday, we thought we’d share some articles that might make this self isolating Sunday a bit more enjoyable for you. From a way to keep busy to an uplifting story from Leeuwarden, check out these two articles to take your mind off the current situation. 


How one artist’s creativity is keeping Leeuwarden’s spirits up

Art has the capacity to bring us together in solidarity, especially in times of crisis.

Such was the plan of a Chilean born artist in Leeuwarden named Cote Veragua. Throughout the city, she set up supportive messages in chalk in English, Dutch and Frisian, reflective of the city’s diverse nature.

Not only that, but she also offered her support to local businesses, by putting up art on their windows, as a way of promoting their businesses, especially the ones that were hard-hit by the coronavirus crisis.

5 handy tips to learn Dutch when you’re not in the Netherlands

Learning Dutch is no easy task, and it’s even harder if you are not in the Netherlands.

Nevertheless, if you do wish to brush up on your Dutch skills, there are thankfully options for you to do so. 

For example, you could find a great learning app to aid you in your learning, such as Duolingo. Exposing yourself to Dutch content, be it books, television shows, radio or by joining some Dutch Facebook groups. Or, if you are feeling especially brave, you can ask your Dutch friends to only speak Dutch to you.

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Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva


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