Stroopwafels – the gems of the Netherlands

It’s not just the Dutch and other residents of the Netherlands that have fallen in love with their waffle-y goodness. Almost every single person who has had the opportunity to try a taste of heaven (AKA Stroopwafels), knows that they are probably one of the best sweet snacks out there. I remember when they started temporarily selling them in Lidl in the UK and my friends just went mad about it.

Well, my friends, you don’t have to just eat Stroopwafels, you can now drink them too (and get drunk at the same time). What a time to be alive!

Stroopwafel liqueur, WHAT!?

The company Van Meer’s has created a Stroopwafel liqueur, which imitates the taste of our favourite Dutch snack, but with 14.7% alcohol added. With tastes such as cinnamon, caramel and slight nutty notes, this makes it the drink of gods. It’s already won a gold medal at a World Spirits competition, so we know it’s going to be lekker.

It’s allegedly being sold at Wines & more and if you Google it, it’s on quite a few other online drink stores *frantically Googles for Christmas presents*

Life is good.


Will you be trying any of this Stroopwafel liqueur? Let us know in the comments! 


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