Innovation at its finest! The Dutch are now Recycling Used Nappies

The Dutch have proven once again that they are kings of innovation by figuring out a way to start recycling used napppies. Here is how and why.

Why are the Dutch recycling used nappies?

We all know that the Dutch are masters of innovation and sustainability. That is why our green warriors have decided to help Mother Nature ones again by battling one of her biggest foes – used baby nappies. Apparently old nappies take centuries to decompose. That makes them just as bad as plastic straws and plastic bags. So this leaves us with two options! We either go back to the olden days when people would use cloth nappies and then wash them by hand (shout out to the mothers who still do that – you are the real environmental heroes!) or we just simply start recycling used nappies. This is when the Dutch come in to save the day by creating this unique waste processing plant in Holland.

Innovation at its finest! The Dutch are now Recycling Used Nappies
The old school way of recycling old napppies

What products can we make from recycling used nappies in the Netherlands?

According to the Dutch, there are plenty of thing that can be made by recycling used nappies. That is why the Dutch firm ARN is building a dedicated facility in the Nijmegen region, which is due to open by December 2018. The processing plant will turn the old nappies into different four products – green gas, plastics, fertilizer and biomass.

The facility will also reach temperatures of up to 250 degrees at high pressure. This temperature will help get rid of the bacteria, traces of medication and viruses. This method of recycling used nappies will make all the products safe and eligible to be sold.

The plastic separated in the process will be used for making a variety of goods, like household items such as garden furniture or flower pots. The gas will be turned into fuel for power stations, and the rest piped to a nearby sewage treatment plant.

The Dutch are now Recycling Used Nappies
Who knew that baby poop could be so useful after being recycled?

What do you think about this new Dutch innovation of recycling used nappies? Would you buy an item made out of old baby diapers? Let us know in the comments below!

Veronika Licheva
Living the short girl life in the land of giants. Veronika is a content creator who takes great interest in video, photography, and journalism. Her mission in The Netherlands is to build a vibrant and exciting career, while simultaneously petting as many dogs as possible.


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