The Dutch just launched the largest energy storage system in Europe

The largest energy storage system comprising electric car batteries in Europe will help power Amsterdam Arena. The Dutch are at it again, showing the world they are the masters of innovation. Here is everything you need to know about this big step in renewable energy.

Amsterdam Energy Arena is now largest energy storage system in Europe

Amsterdam Arena, home of the Ajax football team, has launched a new energy storage system. This innovative technology allows Amsterdam Arena to reduce the stadium’s peak demand on the grid during big matches and events. The system is capable of storing 3 megawatts of power. Its makers say it’s Europe’s largest commercial energy storage system using EV batteries.

The main purpose of the energy storage system is to deliver back-up power to the stadium in case of outages or during heavy use. During major events, the venue’s power demand is increased, due to the electricity required for lighting and broadcasting equipment. The system will allow the stadium to reduce the cost of electricity for large sporting venues. It will also relieve pressure on the Dutch electricity grid during concerts and other big events that usually consume a lot of energy.

The system’s 3MW and 2.8MWh storage technology will help lessen the stadium’s demand from the Dutch electricity grid. It will also provide efficient energy to the stadium’s neighbors and during low-energy periods, it can even contribute to the grid. This innovative system will provide a reliable source of sustainable energy. It will also reduce the carbon footprint of the energy storage system further contributing to the circular economy.

Source: Nissan

Old batteries to power largest energy storage system in Europe

What is even more exciting about this system, is that old electric car batteries are used to power it. According to reports, 148 new and used Nissan LEAF batteries are used to store energy captured by 4,200 solar panels on the roof of the stadium and also from the grid.

For quite some time now, car manufacturers were struggling with the problem of what to do with EV batteries when they pass their peak performance. According to car makers, lithium-ion batteries are able to store electricity for years after they’re taken off the roads. The use of old batteries for the new energy system at Amsterdam Arena allows for a circular economy for electric vehicle batteries.

The Netherlands’ national football stadium runs on solar power

Worth cheering about. Read more:

Geplaatst door World Economic Forum op Zaterdag 7 juli 2018

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