4 English-teaching yoga studios in The Hague to get your mat out for

Craving some yoga in The Hague but have no idea what it means when your teacher says de berg? Then an English-language class is just what you need! We’ve rounded up four of our favourite yoga studios in The Hague that have geen probleem teaching in English.

If you have been feeling somewhat foggy and without energy during lockdown, this is the perfect opportunity to get your groove back; yoga may just be the answer. The studios cannot reopen just yet, but some of them offer classes outdoors and others have online lessons available. Fingers crossed for reopening soon! 🤞

Here’s where you can happily dust off your mat in English (like the proud international you really are).

Many yoga lessons are taking place in parks around The Hague during coronavirus. Image: Monstera/Pexels

1. Balanzs

Balanzs has three studios in The Hague and boasts that they welcome everyone from beginners to super-experienced yogis. That’s why you can attend a very soft class of Yin Yoga or a gentle flow, but you can also rise up to the challenge and give your all in a Rocket Yoga class.

The studio teaches 20 styles in total, and once they get to reopen you can also enjoy massages and beauty treatments, (you deserve them!) In the meantime, there are online classes, outdoor lessons (Paleistuin) and meditative walks available.

Where: Veenkade 22, Laan van Meerdervoort 96C, Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 90

2. My Yoga

Formerly known as Bikram Yoga Den Haag, but rebranded as My Yoga, this studio teaches a special kind of practice. It consists on a series of 26 yoga poses and two breathing exercises over 90 minutes at 40 degrees Celsius.

This combination of Western knowledge (anatomy) and Eastern knowledge (asanas and pranayama) has proved effective in strengthening the five systems our bodies have: muscular, hormonal, circulatory, respiratory and nervous. You can access their recorded lessons or attend live via Zoom.

So why such a big rebrand? The recent information that came to light over the unacceptable practices and systematic abuse that the creator of the Bikram method (Bikram Choudhury) has been accused of committing. The founder of My Yoga condemns his behaviour and is distancing herself and her business from him.

Where: Prins Hendrikplein 2

Stretch it out in a language you understand. Image: Cliff Booth/Unsplash

3. Delight Yoga

There is no better location for a yoga studio than opposite the Peace Palace, and Delight Yoga has it. The studio offers three beautiful spaces to practice Yoga Nidra, Ashtanga Mysore or even Kids Yoga (because the little ones deserve some self-care as well!), plus an area where you can relax having some coffee.

To top it all off, you can find multiple workshops that range from meditation to healing mantra concerts. They also currently offer online lessons and some outdoor practices (Paleistuin).

Where: Scheveningseweg 14

4. Yoga Seads

If you live closer to the beach then this is your studio. Yoga Seads is walking distance from Scheveningen, the heart of The Hague’s coast. They intend to guide you through the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your yoga journey.

Here you will find more traditional yoga styles (such as Yyengar), as well as more modern practices (like Yoga-Pilates fusion), without forgetting important stages of life (Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga). The classes are taught both in Dutch and in English, so if you do not understand Dutch just let them know beforehand. Classes are recorded live and available to replay (in case you cannot make it on time), with additional outdoor lessons happening at Westbroekpark.

Where: Maaswijkstraat 24D

Whether you’re a flexible, flipping yogi or a total beginner, these English-speaking yoga studios in The Hague are the perfect opportunity to practice. Remember, yoga is for everybody and every body.

Have you practiced at any of these yoga studios in The Hague? Got one to add to the list? Share it with us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Cliff Booth/Pexels

Laila Robles Martínez
Laila is a journalist born and raised in Mexico City, and has lived in Canada (a semester in high school counts, right?), Spain (where she met the love of her life and completed her Master’s Degree in Humanities) and most recently, The Netherlands. She has great passion for exploring new cultures, mothering her beautiful three-year-old son, tasting all kinds of vegan treats and, of course, writing.

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