Snow in the Netherlands doesn’t fall that much anymore, and when it does it tends to be just a sad mushy layer. But when the elements align and some proper snow does fall, it’s a truly magical sight to behold.

With the snow comes ‘black ice’, trains are probably delayed, and everything is cold and slippery but let’s just celebrate the awesomeness and the good looks that come with snow in the Netherlands. Here are all the best pics from our readers (and writers!). Feel free to send in some more!

Snow in the Netherlands

Image: @carelvanderlippe/Instagram
Image: @chantalstraver17/Instagram
Image: @delftcityguide/Instagram
Image: @elizegoncalves/Instagram
Dutch people always go cycling ALWAYS! Enora Regina/Supplied
Enzo architecten office in Burgerveen. Image: Steven Tol/Supplied
Image: @fotovandenatuur/Instagram
Gouda. Image: Jen @theartbureau/Supplied
Gouda. Image: Jen @theartbureau/Supplied
Utrecht. Marianne Chagnon/Supplied
Amsterdam’s canals. Image: @mitchellhelantmuller/Instagram
Image: @Pohutakawa Charlotte/Supplied
Weirdly this is Rotterdam! Image: Maria Mentzelidi/Supplied
Delft city centre. Image: Siddhi Pitkar/Supplied
Sledding in the Ankerpark, Leiden. Image: Sharon Williams/Supplied
Schiphol, guess snow wasn’t fun for everyone? Image: Tara Martinez Mulay/Supplied
Utrecht. Image: Satabdi Lahiri/Supplied
Amazing drone shot of Leiden’s Rapenburg. Image: @Vincentsdrone (check his account on Instagram for more great stuff)
Doggie at the Wassenaarseslag, love it! Image: @hoex/Instagram
Snow in the Netherlands
Delft! Image: @ya_pesenka/Instagram

That’s it for now! Let’s see if we get some snow next year. And once again, feel free to mail your pics to us, tag us on Instagram or send them in the comments at Facebook. Oh, and massive thanks to all our readers for sending in their pics!

You’re the BEST readers, FANTASTIC 😉

Which images were your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: @mitchellhelantmuller/Instagram
Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in February 2017, and was fully updated in December 2020 for your reading pleasure.



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