A recent study commissioned by de Volkskrant in conjuction with Rutger’s knowledge centre for sexuality and research agency Ipsos. This involved asking 1015 Dutch people about the ins and outs of their dating lives (yes please!)

Accessible, efficient and straight to the point?

Tinder has over 50 million users worldwide. The ability to scour hundreds of potentials in a few minutes makes it unsurprising that it is so popular. Despite its appealing accessibility and efficiency, does online dating tarnish the allure of “the chase”?  The study showed that 52% of the respondents believe that there is no legitimate difference between online dating and the traditional dating scene. It is important to consider, however, whether the relative anonymity and lack of accountability makes the dating scene a harsher and flakier place?

Porn and the three A’s

The survey also revealed that 40 percent of people watch pornography online (59 percent of men and 21 percent of women). Women, however, are more willing to talk about porn with one another as the study shows 48 percent of women talk about their experiences with porn compared to 33 percent of men.

Internet porn is enticing as it has the three a’s – affordable, anonymous and available. You can access and feed a whole range of personal fetishes and desires without ever having to declare them to another person and open yourself up to criticism. Like foot play? Find it on porn. Turned on by a golden shower? A search for it will return thousands of hits. Curious about BDSM? Peruse it online.


Thinking of getting lucky in the Netherlands?

Here are a few statistics from Much Needed that could boost your potential

  1. Men of Tinder are more likely to swipe right on women dressed in formal attire in comparison to those wearing less clothing (clearly the “my body, my rules” still needs to register with some people..)
  2. 9pm is the peak time for swiping
  3. Music makes the world go round: People who share with Spotify playlists on their Tinder profiles are 84% more likely to get a match.

Are you on Tinder? Have you been successful or had any bad experiences? Share them below!



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