Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We don’t know about you, but here at DutchReview we are very excited about the snow, and all the white covered everything!

Thought would be great to share some lovely Instagram photos of today’s snow with you, so you too can catch that winter snow bug. So, grab that cup of tea (or whatever floats your warm boat), blanket and enjoy!


Snowy photos of Amsterdam

Lefteris Poulakidis’ photo in Amsterdam



Bruno Lopes’ photo in Amsterdam


Snow photos in Rotterdam

Paul van der Kloos’s photo in Rotterdam
Mees van der Wiel’s photo in Rotterdam
Helene’s photo in Rotterdam

Snow Photos in The Hague

Marc Faux’s photo in The Hague
Camille Creisson’s photo in The Hague

Snow photos in Leiden

Melita Tarisa’s photo in Leiden
Nina Littel’s photo in Leiden
Geert’s photo in Leiden



There you go. Hope you enjoyed these lovely photos. Thank you for the Instagrammers who agreed to share their photos with us. If you have a nice shot of today’s snow, make sure to tag us on our Instagram!


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Whoa! How about this snowy shot of Amsterdam from above by @arden_nl 😍🌨️🇳🇱

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