Yeah we know, it’s confusing for the outsider to really know the difference between Holland and the Netherlands. It also doesn’t help that the whole world, including this little website, uses both terms for the whole country all the time. Now we could do a lot of explaining in text (like this article about The Hague not being the capital) but there’s a classic video that does all that and better. 

difference between Holland and the Netherlands
They got everything except the name right in this gif

And not only the difference between Holland and the Netherlands is explained, but also (New-) Zeeland and those tropical parts of Holland (sorry, the Netherlands). Enjoy!



  1. Great video…..however…why does the commentator have to talk sooo fast??? It doesn’t give the viewer time to absorb what is being shared here. Also the pronunciation, dear commentator, leaves to be desired. At least take time out perhaps to learn the correct pronunciation? That would have completed this video with an A+ !! <3


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