Yesterday DutchReview’s Frank Kool suggested in his article on Syria and the numbing public awareness regarding the inevitable horrors of war that this declining awareness is due to a lack of something more or less similar to the Roman Colosseum. Gladiator fights were to remind the people of the brutality of a world without peace. (And I concur, Gladiator fights were awesome and we need them back in modern life)

Enter Russia, besides exporting gas and hilarious dash-cam videos, Russia is also one of the last steadfast supporters of the Assad regime in Syria and is still trying to bully their neighbors into giving them their lunchmoney. And in order to prepare today’s youth and general population for the brutality of combat, Ice-Hockey war is apparently the thing-to-do now in Russia. (NSFW if your employer dislikes violence, no nudity though – so go right ahead if that’s the thing your work is not into)

Even more troubling than the Russian rap music is the fact that most of the grown ups watching the game are outright supporting the vicious fighting. Watch at the 1.00 minute mark, look at them clapping their hands and rejoicing. You’re not supposed to support such behavior Russian parents! You should’ve intervened and told your children that violence is wrong.

And then enjoy the finest violent videos of Russia on YouTube like a civilized person does here on DutchReview.



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