It’s snowing in the Netherlands and we’re all going crazy about it! Sure, loads of people are just barely getting home because of Code Red and then there also tons of you just enjoying the pretty pictures of the Dutch Winter Wonderland.

But we also like a joke if we’re sitting inside anyways, and internet provided us with many, so here are 10 funny ones we found out there about the Snowy Netherlands.

(we tried our best with crediting the creators, if we messed it up let us know okay? We fix it right away!)

#1 This wintry scene from a Dutch neighborhood 

(found on How to Dutch, Facebook)

#2 This train having some fun



#3 By the Amsterdam Shallow Man 🙂

#4 When it’s snowing in the Netherlands: tough times for the ganja growers

#5 But chilling times for our Minister President

#6 Meanwhile in Leiden

#7 This is a new rage, press your head in the snow and make a picture with the flash on!

#8 Rotterdam is also quite chilly

#9 This cat only got one paw out the door

#10 Cats in general are just great


That’s it for now! Stay safe inside and feel extremely welcome to share your funny business with us!

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