The Netherlands and why they are the world’s agricultural leader (vid inside!)

The Netherlands and agriculture

Despite being a small country, the Netherlands is a world leader when it comes to agriculture. But, why? Well, technology of course! DutchReview has mentioned on lots of different occasions about how good the Dutch are with innovation and technology – well this goes for agriculture too. They don’t even receive the most funding for it, yet still come out on top.

Learn all about why the Netherlands is the world’s agricultural leader here, in this quick 15-min video. It’s interesting – trust me!

Emma Brown
A familiar face at DutchRevew. Emma arrived in Holland in 2016 for a few weeks, fell in love with the place and never left. Here she rekindled her love of writing and travelling. Now you'll find her eating stroopwafels in the DutchReview office since 2017.


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