That was quite something right that storm? No trains, loads of viral videos and everybody wondering why they didn’t do a ‘thuiswerkdag’. Let’s have a last look at the storm of 2018, lest we forget.

#1 Trains and planes are back on

Meanwhile, the trains are running well for most people. The vast majority of them drive again according to the normal timetable. Last night, employees on the track had solved dozens of problems, says the NS. The expectation is that around 10:30 am, almost all hindrances on the track will be over – so everything should be good now.

#2 The Financial damage by the storm

The damage that the storm of yesterday caused to homes and cars amounts to at least 90 million euros. That is a first prognosis from the Dutch Association of Insurers. The estimate does not include any damage to government property and companies.

Here and there the wind had ripped complete roofs of buildings. Other damage was caused by flying roof tiles and trees that fell over.

It is the second ‘millionstorm’ of this year. The severe weather that hit the Netherlands on 3 January, caused damage of an estimated 10 million euros. The insurers point out that a heavy storm shortly after a previous one often causes relatively much damage, partly because roof tiles are still loose. Furthermore, trees are already weakened and therefore they blow faster.

#3 The Viral Videos!

The face of the storm is that dude in Den Bosch who got blown away for 10 meters or that portaloo in Utrecht, here’s a compilation of all those storm videos of yesterday. Enjoy!




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