The geography and geographical placement of the Netherlands makes it quite unique and gives it an agricultural advantage on countries further from the equator. The Netherlands also has islands, over 70 animal species live in the Netherlands, to say the least, it’s very flat. It’s small and getting from East to West only takes a little over two hours.

What else can we tell you about the geography of the Netherlands? It has a lot of greenery, vegetation, smart irrigation systems and it’s technically below sea-level. The highest point in the Netherlands is the summit of Vaalserberg, a hill located in the province of Limburg. The Netherlands’ lowest point is the Zuiderplaspolder at Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. This point is 6,74 meters below the average water level in the Netherlands.

We promised a video and an informational video we shall provide. See Geography Now! and their video on the Netherlands

the geography of the Netherlands, explained

feat pic: youtube/geographynow


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