Amsterdam during autumn is one heck of a fairy tale! Don’t believe us? Then this video is bound to change your mind!

Amsterdam during autumn through the eyes of Gosse Bouma

Gosse Bouma is a Dutch videographer, who has shown us time and time again the beauty of the Netherlands throughout the year. First he captivated us with a snowy Amsterdam, and now he has come to enchant us with his latest autumn video. Just see for yourself!

The Netherlands during fall

The Netherlands is known to be a very beautiful place during the fall season. And the best part is that there are plenty of autumn-related activities that people in Holland just love doing. From eating seasonal dishes, to going to a naked sauna! And let’s not forget that the Japanese garden in The Hague opens in October especially for the fall season. Not to mention that spending the fall season in Amsterdam is a whole different story of its own! Everything is just so Instagram worthy. Autumn in the Netherlands is truly magical!


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Gisterochtend was ook het Westerpark net een droom.

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