You dear DutchReview readers really liked our coverage of the Netherlands closing all it’s 5 major storm surges barriers this past week. As a Dutchman one would almost forget how awesome we are when it comes to our battle against the water and the realization of the mighty Deltaworks. Luckily there are plenty of videos to remind us of that feat and tell us why the Netherlands isn’t underwater (or a watery mess like so many other countries in the world).

We’ve actually got 4 videos!

#1 Here’s one about the Dutch Delta Works and how they were built to defend the Netherlands from the sea

#2 Here’s Levi, one of our fav vloggers, checking out the Deltaworks and specifically the Oosterscheldekering

#3 You want even better shots from the Deltaworks? This was the best drone 4k magic video we could find out there

#4 And then there’s of course our very own video of how watermanagement is just one of those 7 things the Dutch are great at!




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