It’s the day after the day after and I don’t know about you, but I’m glad that we can return to the boring politics that made this country so ridiculously prosperous (together with loads of Groningen Gas). So let’s enjoy the international limelight one last time, as surely the international press won’t return to the Low Lands for a while.

And yessir, we made it big! It’s zenith of the liberal media in the States: The Daily Show. Watch as Trevor Noah nicely let’s us know how important they find us and PM Mike Gurgin.



They bring in all the cliches: ‘famous left-tolerant country’  and smoking weed. But also the ‘Trump-effect’ because who in his sane mind would vote for someone that says that Trump is doing a good job? 


  1. Let’s just remember 83% did NOT vote Wilders. Cause he’s a baboon. We like baboons don’t get me wrong. Just not baboons looking like Wilders… and Trump… we say nay…


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