Week 1

In a rather uneventful first week in the Netherlands, the biggest news was that there were no huge violent events at ‘Old and New’. Some other stuff occurred as well…

Not a lot of violence and riots does mean, some cheerful rioting and burning stuff. As is the proper Dutch tradition nowadays.
On the 2nd of January, the NS (Netherlands train operator) continued its own tradition of screwing up: a train caught fire because of short-circuiting. Two Moroccan/Dutch youths were arrested, for being Moroccan and because the Dutch police wanted to continue their tradition of screwing stuff up.
Speaking of the Dutch police. The ineffective fragmented Dutch police has been re-institutionalized by the new and also ineffective National police. Above a picture can be seen of this new ineffectiveness: by celebrating a worthless party paid for by the taxpayer.
Breaking their own tradition of popular but ugly-as-hell strikers (google: Dirk Kuyt, Roy Makaay or Kiprich), Dutch football gigant Feyenoord signs the already rented Graziano Pelle, he signed until 2017.

That was it for week 1. See you next week!


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