Dear Lord, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? With all the pimping-up the lay-out and muling over what content to bring forth from here on, DutchReview has been neglecting it’s weekly round-up. So before changing the title of this category to “Dutch Bi-Annually”, here’s another round-up:


First of, we had another bump in the road in our diplomatic relationship with Turkey, our NATO-ally and ancestral homeland to about 370,000 of our inhabitants. Lately, more and more people expressed concern over the fate of a nine year-old Turkish boy who, after being displaced from his home due to his parents being suspect of being abusive, is now under the care of lesbian foster parents in The Netherlands. Conflict with Islamic values and all, things have only escalated since the story caught wind.

Turkey’s prime minister Recep Erdogan, seen here explaining how having foster parents of the same sex is a bad alternative to having biological and abusive parents.


Of course the midst of the week was entirely centered around the election of the new Pope. As much as others may speculate, rejoice, or worry, we at DutchReview maintain a “Different funny hat, same shit” attitude towards the entire affair.

This one seems to have at least mastered the art of mimicking human emotions. Yay…?

And just when we were getting ready to drown the memories of all this with a weekend-long bing-drinking session, we heard about our favorite bad boy, Badr Hari’s successes abroad. Sir Punch-a-Lot had to forfeit the K-1 World Grand Prix in Zagreb after breaking his foot in the opening match with Croatian starfighter Zabit Samedov.

Badr Hari keert terug met gebroken voet
As they say in Germany: “Die reinste Freude ist die Schadenfreude…”



We can only hope that the coming week will be less bleak than this one. Stay tuned!



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