You are dating a Dutchie and not sure what to do or to get for Valentine’s day? The answer is probably easier than you think: nothing. Or maybe a card. The Dutch love cards.

From what I hear from people around me, there seems to be an old reputation that sticks to the Dutch as being romantic… Honestly, I don’t understand where it is coming from. Any explanations are welcome.
Because, from what I experience on a daily basis, I would say that the Dutch are on general the opposite of what I would call romantic. Like with marriage for example. For most people, it’s practical, and essentially just a piece of paper; you sign there.
So of course, I wasn’t expecting the Dutch to go crazy other Valentine’s day. And it seems I was right.
It’s a fact: the Dutch are not the biggest fans of Valentine’s day. (I am not blaming them on that one though). Figures are with me here: 1 out of 5 dutchie celebrates it. And 90% of them all consider it is a commercial thing.

What to get to your Dutch valentine?

So let’s say you are dating one of those out of 5 that enjoy the celebration. What are you supposed to get? You can’t really over do it because it would be awkward. But you can’t probably get away with just a card, can you?
Yes, you can. That’s what 57% of the Dutch offer on Valentine’s day anyway, so chances are, you will get one back. On position number two we find , obviously, the traditional flowers. However note that, where the French or the English would prefer red roses, the Dutch are more into mixed bouquets. Just a little tip from us to you.
You can still go for chocolates or wine, but your gift should stay around 15 euros, as it is the average of what the Dutch spend on Valentine’s day. But you might be a part of the lucky 2% who get presents worth 500€, who knows?

Say it with flowers

Talking of flowers, if you are in the business, Valentine’s day is probably the day of the year you love the most.

According to Royal FloraHolland, turnover on the second week of February is much higher compare to normal weeks, from 80 million euros to a whopping 125 million euros. A juicy business that makes a lot of valentines happy in the UK, Germany and France, as they are the biggest export destinations.

So tell us, what are your plans for tonight? Netflix and chill, home made dinner, or night out? If you are planning on going to the restaurant, I hope you thought of making a reservation: the Dutch might not spend the most on presents, but they sure enjoy a nice dinner out.

  • Stuart

    Yep. My dutch wife is not a fan of Valentines Day. Have you ever heard of Wed & Walk in Amsterdam? I did it a few years ago with a friend for a laugh (before I met my wife). You get married for 24 hours on Valentines day with a mini ceremony, plastic rings and costumes. It was a good laugh (but a bit awkward when I had to kiss the bride).