Best dog breeds to consider if you live in the Netherlands

So you’ve made the decision to get a dog in the Netherlands. We couldn’t recommend it anymore! But what we would recommend is for you save a dog from the shelter instead of buying one from the store. 

This article will help you pick the best dog breed for life in the Netherlands and your busy life to avoid the guilt trips after leaving a loving pet home for that long work day. It is important to consider dogs that don’t need loads of exercise as most people live in apartments without access to the wide open outdoors.

If you would like a dog but don’t want anything high maintenance, or you are craving for that canine companionship but don’t have the time to walk all day, groom or scoop that poopin’ or two, then this piece can guide you towards the next step.

Disclosure before carrying on: There is no such thing as a maintenance-free dog nor for the matter free lunch… (salute to Milton Friedman here). All dogs need some care and attention, and if you are not one to put in some TLC time for your dog, then don’t get one. You might be better off with a cat, or a plant, or a piece of stick.

Dog Breeds in the Netherlands
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Dog Breeds in the Netherlands: “The Pawsers”

However! There is good news here. Some dogs need a ‘medium’ amount of exercise, health care, and grooming. Let’s call these dogs “The Pawsers.”

So, it is possible for lazy and busy people to become dog owners but some time and money needs to be invested. Please consider that having a dog is a serious responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Dogs depend on you and need your attention, even the low maintenance “Pawsers.”

Dog Breeds in the Netherlands: What Dogs to avoid if you are busy (or lazy)? 

Not that there is anything wrong with being busy or lazy, but you need to avoid getting a high energy dog because with your life going on, you will not be able to attend to its needs (a whole lot of exercise!!!). Dogs with a lot of energy do tend to get bored and even frustrated if they are not attended to. Puppies and adolescent dogs can also be high in energy and need a lot of attention. So, best to avoid them too.

What to consider when getting a dog? 

Before getting a dog, you need to acknowledge that all dogs, even “The Pawsers” need some amount of exercise, training, grooming and health care. Dogs need to move a little even for a quick stroll around the neighbourhood, and they need to be trained to build a structure in your life and theirs. Even the healthiest dog requires visits to the vet once or twice a year for check-ups.

Dog Breeds in the Netherlands: 5 Dogs to consider, a.k.a “The Pawsers” 

The following is the list of “The Pawsers” or some examples of dog breeds with lower energy levels and all in all good health.

1. Dachshund

The great couch buddy, the Dachshund is loving and affectionate. Dachshunds tend to be a bit stubborn, so some basic training is needed. In general, healthy and requires a moderate amount of exercise.

pet in the netherlands
How could you say no? Source: ivanovgood/Pixabay

2. Greyhound

Despite what many believe, Greyhounds are not high-energy dogs. Most Greyhounds enjoy to lounge around on the couch and keep you company. Even though, they do like occasional runs but still a low maintenance dog. Easily trained and overall healthy, Greyhounds are great for those who want a larger dog. Petside recommends to feed Greyhounds the right food to keep them healthy.

dog breeds netherlands
Source: JeebyJeeby/Pixabay

3. French Bulldog

The happy Frenchie! One of the most cheerful dogs out there. They do have energy but tend to lack endurance. So, easy daily walks are right for the Frenchies. They are easily trained and required minimal grooming.

4. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon is a delight and comes in a compact size! They may seem energetic but do not need a lot of exercises. Not a lot of grooming needs and it is a healthy breed by nature.

5. Bullmastiff

If you want a big dog, then the Bullmastiff can be right for you. This breed has a little bit of energy, so daily walks should be enough to keep your Bullmastiff happy and healthy. Other than that, this dog will be the honorary couch potato of the household. (no shame, it’s winter).
what dog to get in the netherlands
Source: itent/Pixabay

6. Poodle

Poodles are described as loyal and very trainable. Their hair grows so you can shave it in summer and grow it long for warmth in winter. They cope well indoors and can be trained to suit your needs.

best dog breeds for Amsterdam

I too am a dog owner. Adopted my Shepherd mix from Lebanon, and brought her with me to The Netherlands. Be sure to check out our article on having a pet in the Netherlands and the steps for guiding you and your happy pupper a good life.

If you would like to adopt a dog like me (highly encouraged), you can visit an animal rescue or shelter and talk to the workers about the energy levels and needs of their dogs. Once you have your doge and a lead there are tons of other dog lovers to go on adventures with.

There are plenty of other dog breeds in the Netherlands. What dog do you have? Let us know in the comments!

Feature image: conger design/Pixabay 

Tiny but mighty, Armig usually socializes if food is involved. Armig's days involve avocado sandwiches and yoga. With a bachelors in Psychology, now she is a proud communications masters student at The Hague University and is a parent to a Shepherd Mix, Cindy.


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