If you’re selling a house in the Netherlands and especially Amsterdam, you stand to make a ton of money (literally, because a ton is 100.000 in the Netherlands). How are the housing prices doing in the Netherlands?

In a newsflash by the NOS and a report by the the Calcasa research agency it was shown that house-sellers made an average profit of 32,000 euros on a sale this year. Amsterdammers raked in the most, on average 131,000 euros.

Not so much profit in the provinces

The agency looked at the prices of homes sold this year. “You see a divide in the Netherlands,” says Rogier van der Heijden from the bureau. “Most profit is made in North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht, and to a lesser extent Groningen, and in all other provinces the profits are much lower.” Three out of four houses were sold at a profit this year. How much profit is made depends on when the house was purchased by the seller.

People who bought their homes in 2000 did best in the profit department when selling their place this year – half the homes bought in 2000 sold at a profit of at least 40 percent. The worst year of purchase is 2008. About half of the homes purchased in 2008 were sold at a profit this year.

What are your considerations when moving to a place? Or you renting or buying a house? In Amsterdam or especially not in Amsterdam?


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