Ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen decided to give his fellow racers Dutch language lessons.

As you can see, some of them really couldn’t get their head around it. I can imagine to some Dutch people, the accent is just too much, but hilarious all the same.

Check it out:

Better Learn Dutch with DutchReview

As you may know, DutchReview have created our own little videos similar to this one in the past. So if you’re in for a laugh (or a little language session), then don’t forget to watch these either.

Also, if you’re looking to scrub up on your Dutch skills, then don’t forget to check out Bart de Pau at Learn Dutch, he also creates some fun and easy-to-follow Dutch video lessons and also courses. See, there’s no excuse now. 😉

What do you struggle with when speaking Dutch? Let us know in the comments! 

(feat pic: youtube/Red Bull/ still)


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