Moving to a new place is seen as a highly stress-full event. Packing your things, ending your gym-subscription and lots of other things have to be taken care of before you’re all set in your new home. One of the most common obstacles that occurs in this time-consuming process is an evil old landlord not paying up your deposit after moving. Like in the rest of the world, the problem of not getting your deposit back can cause a lot of anger and stress. Before you give in to the feeling that your money isn’t worth the effort, here are some tips from Jens-R Henkelmann, who has recently been down the legal track of getting his money back.

After having won his legal case against his old landlord (getting your deposit back + costs for the legal case YAY), here are some fun facts from the lessons he’s learned:


1. If you want to move out and terminate your contract, always send the letter “aangetekend” no matter how good the relationship with the landlord is.




2. If your landlord does the checkout without you, claiming it was impossible to do it together with you (and this isn’t true) this alone is reason enough to get back your deposit in full.

No Checkout

3. If the landlord forgets to do the checkout before you move out and doesn’t give you the chance to fix things yourself, again: You get your deposit back since you need to have this chance by law.


4. If the landlord (or an agency) makes photos of your apartment with the goal to show that he needed the full deposit, he also needs to present photos from before you moved in. Since HE claims that it’s not in the same state as before HE needs to prove that it’s not. Better yet: if you move in, make your own photos of everything that is not 100% so you can prove it was like that before.



Beginning Argument

5. Don’t try to argue with the landlord or agency on your own if it is getting weird. Go to the juridisch loket right away and talk to the lawyer they send you to. It’s a whole different story when you’re backed by an agency 🙂


6. Last of all you need to be patient: it took 18 months in our case to get my money back, but it’s worth the effort because it’s your money!





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