4 Great Amsterdam Spots to Eat and Relax

Our team decided to find some perfect spots in Amsterdam to enjoy a laidback day. So without further ado here are these relaxing Amsterdam spots where you can chill and experience great food. Enjoy!

[divider]DIM SUM NOW[/divider]

a new approach to the Chinese cuisine

Dim Sum Now is a small Chinese minimalist place in the heart of de Pijp. It was opened 6 months ago after a big successful experience during the Rolling Kitchen festival. Their different approach to the Chinese cuisine conquered the Dutchies! The atmosphere is nice, cute and relaxing with soft music on the background can host up to 15 people. It is ideal if you want to try something different and chill.

The menu is affordable (prices range: 6- 9.95 euros) and they offer mostly gyoza or dumplings. You can combine them with several flavours of tea (black , herbal, jasmine and green tea) and a range of side dishes (lotus leaf wrap, sea weed salad, edemame beans). Everything looks clean and tidy and it is served in typical Chinese style. I had the chance to try a bit of everything in the menu and I can definitely say everything has a delicate taste; pleasing.

The food is cooked in a genuine, pure way. They use as little oil or fat ingredients as possible and they avoid to bust the taste with chemical additions. Nothing contains MSG, artificial flavours or colouring.

The respect for the environment is behind every detail of DIM SUM NOW: every profit from the water company goes to projects related to water around the world. From every 1000 drinks cans sold, a tree is planted, and the take-away boxes they sell are made by recycled paper. They collaborate with Deliveroo or Foodora to deliver food (since both companies deliver by bike, they do not contribute to pollution).

DIM SUM NOW gets usually busy after 14:00 and it is popular both among locals and tourists (Ferdinand Bolstraat 36)


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[divider]Eastside Amsterdam[/divider]

A Hidden Gem

Cycling through the residential Indische Buurt West, Eastside Amsterdam seems to jump out at you from nowhere. It draws in residents and passers-by alike with the promise of a ‘boozey brunch’ and their trademark dish: chicken and waffles. From the outside it emulates ideas of the classic New York brunch dive, and the authentic food within does not disappoint. We opted for the Chicken and Waffles (it would be criminal not to) and the “Smoke and Spin Benny”, which comprised of two poached eggs, sautéed spinach, smoked salmon, toasted sour dough, hollandaise sauce and roasted herb potatoes.

The chicken was some of the best fried chicken myself and my dining partner have ever had – crisp, well seasoned batter, not too salty and unbelievably moist and tender within. The accompanying waffles, salted caramel sauce and fried egg (to give it that true brunchy feel) were all bang on the money.

The “Smoke and Spin Benny” was less of a gamble choice – I have had Eggs Benedict in a number of places and, in fact, wanted to see how it compared. Eastside Amsterdam have entered the ‘Eggs Benedict Ranking in my Brain’ exceptionally high. The poached eggs were unbelievable, the balance of seasoning, spicing and herbs was ideal, and the hollandaise sauce tart and creamy.

Drinks-wise, Eastside Amsterdam offers fresh juices (both fruit and vegetable!), homemade ice tea and lemonade, coffee, beers, cocktails – all the ingredients to help a place transform from brunch chillout, to trendy evening out.

I will definitely return to Eastside and give the service, chef, and atmosphere 5 stars. (Sumatrastraat 47)

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Wine and food bar

Thirty5ive is a highly original and inviting wine bar located in JavaPlein, East Amsterdam. Upon arrival you’ll get a glimpse of its modern interior. Once inside, we’re greeted with an intimate yet accommodating atmosphere complete with soft lighting that only adds to its trendy charm. After a couple of initial “Wow’s”, we were then taking to our seats by our friendly and knowledgeable waiter/sommelier to a cosy table in the corner with great views of the entire premises.

Sipping on a glass of Champagne while settling into our chairs we start browsing the menu. Our first impressions of the cuisine? A seasonal and simple selection of exceptional dishes sure to spark your culinary curiosity. From farm to table is the motto. All of the meat is free range and organic and the seafood is sustainably sourced from local farmers and producers. The small plates are designed particularly around the extensive wine selection and are carefully hand picked by the owner and sommelier from all corners of the globe. You’ll find wines from France, Germany and Morocco as well as California and Chile.

Everything looks great on the menu and we start off with sashimi and work our way through to the pork belly with caramelized leek and the smoked duck breast with spicy kim chi. The staff is friendly and very helpful and we trust them completely to select wines that go great with our dishes. Starting off our wine adventure with light, fresh and fruity white wines we end up at full-bodied, spicy and aromatic reds. If you’re a fan of rosé (or Hollywood celebrities) you’d be delighted to try one from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts vineyard in France. The dessert of our choice, death by chocolate, is as decadent as it sounds and a perfect ending to an amazing dinner… paired with an excellent dessert wine of course!

Thirty5ive definitely delivers when it comes to quality. The place is chic without trying to be so and a safe pick if you want to impress someone. The combination of delicious food, a relaxed environment and winning wines are so engaging it’s easy to lose track of time in there! (Javaplein, 35)


[divider]The Food Hallen[/divider]

multicultural food space


By now one of the most popular and trendy spots where to get together, have a drink or eat whatever you like : the Food Hallen. Situated in a creative space that hosts artists, designers, a cinema and a library, the Food Hallen offers you a wide range of food choices. You can have an hot dog while your best friend is in the mood for falafel and humus, and another will go for Spanish tapas. No problems there!
Multiple small stands, one after the other, will offer a big variety of food. The price range is quite low ( an average of 10/15 euros depending on what you would like to try) for this street food kind of place. In the middle of the “hallen” there are dedicated areas where you can get your drinks ( wine, beer, gin tonic or just a cola). The place can get really busy during weekends but recently a second floor has been opened and you will have a better chance to get a table more easily!
Visit their website so you can get a better picture of what is the place about or if you are so brave to experience it yourself, we definitely recommend to give it a try! (Bellamyplein 51)
De_Hallen_3 food4
Fabrizia Sbrega
Fabrizia moved to the Netherlands 11 years ago from Italy. After so many years, this country is still able to surprise and amaze her. Amsterdam is a city where you never get bored: it is vibrant, continuously changing and with always something to do. Recently she dedicates a lot of time to her plants and she is starting a new plants event company. If you need any help with your flowers and plants, do not hesitate to contact her.



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