All aboard for the Spido – Rotterdams iconic boat trip

Why a trip with Spido is essential for the complete Rotterdam experience

Oh Cool Rotterdam, the last couple of years this port city has been heralded as the ‘new city of cool’ with more and more attractions opening their doors for the ever-increasing flow of visitors. But throughout the years a couple of attractions were from the beginning part of that quintessential Rotterdam experience. And nothing says ‘Rotterdam’ and all that it stands for more than a ride with one of the boats from Spido.

What’s Spido?

Spido and its famous harbour tours are one of the best and most known attractions of Rotterdam. The company celebrated it’s 90 year birthday in 2009 and is still going strong. Anything that comes from pre-war Rotterdam has a precious place in the hearts of many of the locals, and Spido is still going strong. But what makes it worth the (boat-) ride?


The mighty port of Rotterdam

The past decades the port of Rotterdam used to be the biggest one in the world! And it still is the biggest one in Europe. You don’t have to be shocked that you didn’t know this one, Rotterdam and the Netherlands make quite the effort to keep all that hustle and bustle out of our ways and eyes – and many people won’t be triggered to visit the 2nd Maasvlakte for example. And it’s quite a shame actually since it’s really impressive to see this economic powerhouse of the Netherlands from up-close.


Spido will take you on an impressive tour throughout this gigantic harbour. Impressive dry-docks, millions of containers, ferries and all kinds of other port stuff will pass before your eyes. On board on one of the Spido boats you can comfortably sit inside or enjoy the sun on the outside deck and take some pictures!



See Rotterdam at its best

Besides seeing the port in full effect, Spido will also you take you on an imposing tour through Rotterdam. Where Amsterdam is sort of an open air museum that never really changes, Rotterdam is constantly evolving and working on its iconic skyline. Taking a tour on the water will help you appreciate some of the best sights of Rotterdam.



Furthermore, you will also be in smack center of all the traffic on the waterways which is also completely different than all the cute canals in the rest of the Netherlands. Rotterdam is big and bad-ass and this is reflected in all the big container vessels, ferries and cruise ships.


By Roy Poots



The quintessential Spido tour is the ‘Rotterdam Harbour tour‘, for a measly 13 euro’s you’ll get to see all of the aforementioned sights and extra’s. What ever tour you’re getting on board with (and they have plenty), there will be some solid stories told about all the sights passing in front of your eyes – this makes the whole 75 minute experience more than just simple sightseeing.

Getting on board a Spido ship

On the right of the North end of the Erasmusbridge is the base of the Spido ships. If I recall correctly you don’t need any reservation to just hop on board for a Rotterdam Harbour tour. That one also departs more or less every hour during the ‘better-weather’ months of the year.

Booking in advance is the thing to do though when it comes to their special trips and packages. They’ve got a tour just for the Summer evenings for example, or a package that grants you acces to the SS Rotterdam and the Euromast.

The brilliant SS Rotterdam (pic by Roy Poots)

Have fun all! And feel free to share your pictures taken from the Spido with us on Instagram and Facebook!

Address: Willemsplein 85

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