The Amazing Netherlands in 10 Pictures

Oh Holland, little beautiful country! For years now all of you Dutch fans out there have been massively clicking the like and share buttons of our Facebook page when we shared pics of Dutch scenery. Rotterdam’s urban awesomeness, Amsterdam’s classic canals or a picturesque little church in the Dutch countryside. It doesn’t matter, we loved it all!

So we teamed up with Roy Poots and worked on this post to bring you 10 of the best and most amazing pictures of the Netherlands. Enjoy! (and feel free to share the beauty of the lowlands with anyone still doubting if the Netherlands is worth a visit)

Let’s start with a classic:

1. Kinderdijk


Near Rotterdam, 19 monumental windmills make up the quintessential Dutch UNESCO heritage site of Kinderdijk.

2. Rotterdam


Speaking of Rotterdam, here we see an amazing shot of a cruise ship at night in front of the ‘De Rotterdam’ building by Rem Koolhaas.

3. Zeeland

This bridge is called "De Zeelandbrug" and is 5 km's long. Made this shot with a stack of a Lee Big Stopper and a Lee Polariser to achieve the one minute exposure. Uploaded via iPhone so im curious what the result will be. The whole series:
This bridge is called “De Zeelandbrug” and is 5 km long. 
The whole series:

Famous for it’s Delta works in our everlasting fight against the water, Zeeland’s infrastructure and scenery also delivers some crazy coloured visuals!

4. Scheveningen


This beach town near The Hague with the unpronounceable name for non-native Dutch speakers  with its famous pier brings you a Los Angeles-like sunrise. (WOW!)

5. Snowy Holland


It doesn’t snow that much in Dutch winters, but when it does… Oh boy <3


6. Delft!

Amazing view of the Eastern Gate (in Dutch "Oostpoort") in the Netherlands
Amazing view of the Eastern Gate (in Dutch “Oostpoort”) in the Netherlands

The classic Dutch town of Delft offers you a little looksie into the better parts of the Netherlands of 400-something years ago.

7. Kootwijk


The old radio station of Radio Kootwijk in the Gelderland province is kind of a hidden gem of the Netherlands. Hauntingly beautiful!

8. Utrecht

Utrecht has lights! Check out the lightfestival Trajectum Lumen for more!
Utrecht has lights! Check out the light festival Trajectum Lumen for more!

This city in the center of Holland has everything going for it. Utrecht has the classic canals (some say the best ones in the Netherlands), the magnificent Dom tower and a vibrant student community – all making it one of the best places in the Netherlands to live.

9. The Flower Fields

Amazing Netherlands

Can anybody ever get enough of these postcard shots of the flower fields that, come spring, people are flocking to? (Here’s how to get there like a true Dutchie -gratis)


10. Amsterdam


This sign was part of the Amsterdam Light Festival
This sign was part of the Amsterdam Light Festival
The canals of historical Amsterdam
The canals of historical Amsterdam

Last but not least obviously. Amsterdam! Our capital is so photogenic that we just had to cheat and give you three pictures instead of one. (Well, I guess no one is hurt by that little lie).

Missed any beautiful spot from the Netherlands in this article? Share it with us in the comments and we’ll work on a sequel! 🙂

And if you can’t get enough of Roy‘s great work, be sure to follow his FaceBook page!

and for more classic Dutch sights, the DutchReview Instagram account is also a good one to follow obviously 😉


Maastricht is so nice anyways. Very international vibe and lovely scenery. Check out this alley yesterday during the #sunset.

Een foto die is geplaatst door DutchReview (@dutchreview) op

Abuzer van Leeuwen 🇳🇱
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  1. The bow of the ship is missing in the Rotterdam photo and the light reflecting from the buildings is visible under the ship. There was no need to Photoshop the ship into an already beautiful photo.

    • Hahaha, why on earth would we do that indeed, no photoshopping. Maybe a little enhancing but definitely not a fricking ship in the pic

  2. Yeah well… Some places you don’t need to Photoshop in order to show how beautiful they are. Some OTHER places 😉


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