Amsterdam from a different perspective: Architectural hotspots

I was told once that you can see Amsterdam from 3 different perspectives: walking around, on a boat , on a bike.That’s definitely true and I would recommend it.

I think though that you can observe the Dutch capital from other stunning locations and you can discover the city from a different angle.

Let’s go through some of the modern Amsterdam architectural hot spots that you can easily enjoy around the city.


Blue Bar

The Blue bar is located in the middle of a winkelcentrum ( shopping mall) in the Kalverstraat, close to the Flower Market. If you visit the city thinking that Amsterdam is only about coffee shops, the red light district and the Van Gogh Museum you will discover  this amazing and unlikely location.

The bar restaurant offers you a 360 view of the city. You will have a closer look to the typical Dutch houses and you will see their peculiar roofs, windows frames and shapes.

You will access the Blue bar on a glass lift that will bring you to the third floor. The restaurant is completely surrounded by glass so you will a have a clear view.


Blue bar view

Food and drinks are also really good, well presented and affordable. The staff is always friendly.

I suggest to go on a cloudy day so you will have the chance to observe Amsterdam without missing any detail due to too much sunlight or rain blurring the landscape.


OBA (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam)

The Oba is the central library of Amsterdam and definitely one of my favorite places in town.

The Oba is a fantastic architecture closed to Central Station,located in front of the popular Nemo ( The Science museum). It is a modern building spread on 6 floors and it will fascinate you with its minimalist interior style and its beautiful atmosphere.

Amsterdam OBA

You will find a stylish environment where you can enjoy your book, magazine or even listen to music in peace. The library does not offer only a wide range of books. You can find a big collection of dvd’s, a radio station, theater and much more.

The ground floor is entirely dedicated to children with playful islands for kids and mini Mac computers to use.

Kids floor Amsterdam central library

The building offers a nice restaurant on the last floor and a breath-taking terrace view of the city.

Closed to the Oba you will find the Amsterdam Conservatory, the main music hangout for the locals. sitting on the east side of the library you can observe the piano or cello lessons taking place on the glass building aside.


The Eye

The Eye is a modern architecture built recently on the north part of Amsterdam. It was opened to the public audience on April 2012 and it became one of the main trendy spots for the locals. It was thought as a house of movies, a space for film related exhibitions and a nice location for a beautiful bar restaurant.

the eye

Everything inside is related to films, you can even get your locker named as a famous international actor.

Visiting the building is free and you can enjoy a beautiful landscape sitting and drinking your coffee at the bar.

You can reach the Eye with a ferry from the central station ( no need to pay a ticket, it is a free public transport) and you can enjoy the magnificent beauty of this location. Delugan Meissl Associated Architects designed a modern interpretation of an eye shape. If you are a fan of architecture you can also book guided tours on the website.


Faralda Crane Hotel

The Faralda Crane Hotel is also located in the norther side of the city. I did not have the pleasure to sleep in one of the suites but I could see it from outside.

The old famous crane 13 was converted in a luxury hotel. It took almost 4 years to restore the crane and accessorize the 3 amazing design suites. Every suite has its own theme ( Mystic Suite, Free Spirit Suite and the Secret Suite) and they are fully equipped with extravagant details. Two lifts provide access to the rooms and to a panoramic lounge ( 50 m high).

The crane is suited in an industrial area, NDSM with a spectular view of the IJ river.

The website of the hotel allows to enter this fantastic world and experience a bit what the hotel looks like.

Faralda crane Hotel




Fabrizia Sbrega
Fabrizia Sbrega
Fabrizia moved to the Netherlands 11 years ago from Italy. After so many years, this country is still able to surprise and amaze her. Amsterdam is a city where you never get bored: it is vibrant, continuously changing and with always something to do. Recently she dedicates a lot of time to her plants and she is starting a new plants event company. If you need any help with your flowers and plants, do not hesitate to contact her.


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