Last Sunday the sun finally showed it’s warm and buzzy face in the Netherlands. Now we don’t get to see it this much and by June you’re just soaking up every hour of potential sunshine. There’s lots of good stuff to do when the sun’s out: go to the beach, hit the terrace like all other Dutch people or go ‘waterfietsen’. However if you’re in a city like Utrecht, Delft, Haarlem, Amsterdam or Leiden (in this particular case) there’s always the extremely attractive option of going boating on the famous Dutch canals.

Canals Leiden
Yes, actual people live here…



How campy and cliché it may look, these cities are truly something different when seen from canals.  I shared some pics of the escapade on the DR-Facebookpage and you all shared and viewed the living daylights out of it, so here’s more of that good stuff. And if you’re here as an expat or tourist I can definitely recommend getting a boat and get out on the canals for a day. These pictures are of Leiden, but I’m sure Utrecht or Amsterdam (Duh!) will look just as nice.

The most used English word for this is canals. But the quintessential Dutch word is GRACHT (pronounced: grahgtt – or something). You can consider yourself near fluent in Dutch when you can pronounce this correctly. Be careful when practicing this one, your throat may get hurt or people may think there’s an herring stuck somewhere in your body.



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