Winter? Hit the Beach! Events in Scheveningen

Events in Scheveningen for everybody

Admittedly, it’s fun somewhere the first days when the temperatures plummet to below 10 degrees. You’ve seen the canals and that fair bit of sunshine in the Netherlands and you’re finally not considered a recluse when you just stay inside and binge watch Netflix the whole weekend through. ‘Erwtensoup’, typing blogs or just ranting about Zwarte Piet. The wintery indoors life is great… for the first weeks.

Me trying to leave the house after winter
Me trying to leave the house after winter

So avoid that depression and winter-body and head outside! Scheveningen and its beaches provide a great venue for you to visit in the winter and got plenty to offer for everybody. Here’s our guide to events in Scheveningen for the Winter:

23rd of October: ‘Honden aan Zee’

If you know a tiny bit of Dutch this one should be fairly obvious to you. ‘Dogs at Sea’ is literally what this event means as Scheveningen beach is the venue for a whole day of dog madness.


It’s everything you wanted from a dog filled day of pleasure. We’re talking dog whisperer, the Happy Dog Dutch Championship Dock Diving 2016, dog dancing (someone send in some movies please!) and a dog fashion show! So if you ever want to take your four legged friend to a special day out, then this is the one (and treat yourself to a day at the beach while at it!)


Just visiting the whole day is free for both man and beast, check out their facebookpage to see if any other dogs from the neighborhood are still going. It’s held right at the boulevard and the beach, can’t miss it. Actually participating with your dog might also still be possible, more info on that here.

29th of October: Halloween!

One of those American traditions that finds more ground in Europe every year: Halloween! It used to be just a fringe event, but now it’s deliciously mainstream. Great for you American expats out there missing that homely ‘gezelligheid’. Although ‘gezellig’? The Keizerstraat in Scheveningen is the place to be for this year’s Halloweening (if that isn’t an official phrase I’m coining it right now).


It’s all there: frights of your life, kids dressing up and trick or treating, slashed up pumpkins and good old fashioned fun and drinking for the grown ups. If you’re an American expat this might finally be your shot at lecturing the Dutch in turn on how a traditional holiday is supposed to go down.

The scaring kicks off at around 8 o’clock that evening, check out their facebookpage for more info.


12th of November: Sinterklaas’ arrival

Set aside the traditional debate surrounding Zwarte Piet for just one second because Sinterklaas is coming! On the 12th of November the good old white-bearded legend will make his grand appearance in a number of Dutch cities (aided by what can only be pure-magic) with his traditional steam boat.


He’s expected to arrive at 10.30 in the Scheveningen harbour. Although it’s certainly a nice Dutch experience for a grown up, it’s of course an excellent event to attend to with the little ones. It being in Scheveningen also allows for combining it with a nice beach walk and some hot choco(mel).


19th of November: Red Bull Knock Out

Gentlemen start your engines! On the 19th of November 2016 the legendary motocross race Red Bull Knock Out will return to the beach of Scheveningen. And let’s face it, freaking every event by Red Bull is epic – and that definitely goes for this one:

This year there will only be one race day: the qualifiers and final will take place on Saturday. So it will be even tougher for the riders. The participants can stay over after the race and leave on Sunday.

Whether you’re participating or just watching the race unfold, this one surely makes for one of the most epic and action-packed events in the Netherlands. (FB-page here)

10th of December: Scheveningen Light Walk

Whilst walking in the dark througout dark nightly Scheveningen you will be pleasantly surprised by light, music and fire acts. Yes people, this event will be literally lit!


Starting point is the “Scheveningse Pier”. You will walk on the beach, through dunes, woods, parks and other well-known areas of Scheveningen, such as the harbour. On top of this you walk through Madurodam and Sea Life! You’ll finish on the “Scheveningse Pier” again. you’ll also see some light acts by the artists of Scheveningen.

Want to be there? Sign up now! There are only 3.000 entrance tickets available, so hurry up! Two distances: 12,5 km (€22,50) and 18,5 km (€27,50).  Tickets and info here! (in English!)

18th of December: Bicycle Beachrace

On December the 18th the first official European Championship Bicycle Beach Race will be held at Scheveningen in the Netherlands. Not a surprise that in the number one country for biking mountain biking is also growing in popularity.

The race starts out at Scheveningen beach and goes all the way to Katwijk and then back to Scheveningen. And since this is only 27km. The official championship route goes for another 27km of Katwijk – Scheveningen (so 54km for those who failed math). I can personally vouch for it that this is one of the best stretches of beach in the Netherlands, so it’s only more awesome to ride it twice.
And yes! You can personally enter the race! More info on it on their FB-page. And no worries, if you’re joining for pure fun there’s also the option for a 27 km race.
So there it it is, loads of events in Scheveningen for those colder days. Missed out on anything? Let us know in the comments!

And we even didn’t include the epic firework displays with NYE:

Abuzer van Leeuwen 🇳🇱
Abuzer van Leeuwen 🇳🇱
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