The age of Social Media is here and most of the time we are all too busy playing with our phones. If this sounds all too familiar to you then congratulations! You are one of us!

Whether you are on your way to school or work, sitting in the train; or maybe cursing at NS waiting for your train to arrive after a regular delay or simply just have some time to kill, then why not grab that phone (if you haven’t been just doing that already) and find us on Instagram?

You can see some pretty awesome photos of the Netherlands taken by some pretty cool accounts and if you are keen on photography too, you can appear on our page as well! Liked it so far? Then behold for some of the stuff we’ve posted on our account:

10 Most Liked Photos on Our Instagram Page

10. Sunset over Amsterdam by @bartgovers

Who knew those clouds would look this good over the canals of Amsterdam?

9. Sunny Stroll by @byanjaroos

Care for a Sunday stroll under the autumn sun?

8. Canals by

Summer in the city is one thing but autumn is definitely magical!

7. View over the city by @jan.arsenovic

This view will make that last hour in the office go by a little bit faster!

6. Stormy Night by @vincentmullenders

This photo just inspires you to grab the camera instead of complaining during the next storm!

5. As the Leaves Change Colour by @debyanna

It’s a pretty sight to see when the sun shines in Amsterdam!

4. Something for the Leids Ontzet by @vincentsdrone

Don’t forget to visit Leiden next 3rd of October on this big historical day. There is hutspot and haring!

3. Another Point of View by

Pretty from every angle!

2. Watch Your Bike by @dresssidestory

Windy days in the Netherlands mean you might find your bike somewhere else!


And the Winner is…

1. Reflection by @marc_nouss

It is hard not to be taken by this iconic photo of Haarlem!

Do You Have Photos of the Netherlands that You Would Like to Share With Us?

Then don’t forget to tag us with @Dutchreview so that we can take a look! Maybe you’ll see it on our Instagram page or better, here on the website! Isn’t it time you become the next Instagram sensation anyway?


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