The Netherlands New Year’s Eve Hangover

How did you enjoy your New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands?

Did you ate 12 oliebollen? Did you had way too much of that fake champagne? Do you still feel a bit blown up from all that gourmetten? Or perhaps you’re still reeling from the terrible show the artist formely known as Mariah Carey has put on:


And that was your personal night. How did the rest of the Netherlands do the past night? And more importantly, did the crazy mayhem DutchReview so blatantly showed in this (kick-ass, +100.000 viewers) little movie really happen once again when we went from 2016 to 2017? Let’s have a look…



Carbid Shooting & Fireworks

Okay the Carbid shooting may look like totally crazy in the movie, but I can’t remember much serious accidents happening in the past. Also, these farmfolks always take care to do this carbid shooting in the countryside. So it’s extra sad that I went South this year, in Friesland three people ended up being seriously injured in carbid shooting related accidents

Fireworks-wise it’s a mixed picture. On the one side the whole situation seems to have improved, less fireworks related complains were called in comparison to last year. But I personally think this might also be because this year’s eve was a bit more wet and cold then last years.  And other side things have gotten worse, for instance: more people have been administered at the eye-hospital then last year. All in all, the Dutch will probably be complaining about fireworks next year as well.


Violence on New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands

There were a bunch of people who commented on our video saying that there wasn’t almost any violence or riots taking place in the Netherlands with New Year’s Eve. Sadly, they were wrong. There were hundreds of fires throughout the country, countless reports of youths throwing fireworks at ambulance drivers and firefighters, the trend of car being set on fire was reinforced (mostly in the Utrecht province) and in general it was an unruly and ‘ongezellige’ night in a few Dutch cities. Well, let’s just call it a national tradition and be done with it until next year.


The New Year’s Dive

Besides having a nation-wide hangover of all that feasting (you might need this article as well) there were of course ten thousands of incredibly brave souls that braved that nasty cold and Dutch drizzle outside and participated in the traditional New Year’s dive. All across the country people in sausage-sponsored beanies dipped themselves in the freezing cold water of this time of the year and had a great time doing it!

Oh, and of course on behalf of all the DutchReview crew I wish you a great and happy 2017!

Abuzer van Leeuwen πŸ‡³πŸ‡±
Abuzer van Leeuwen πŸ‡³πŸ‡±
Founded DutchReview. Rotterdammer living in Leiden. Politics, innovation and epic food-reviews are his thing. Interested in doing anything with DutchReview? Contact him at abuzer[at]



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