Old buildings with a new future: How Tilburg has totally got this done right (video inside!)

DutchReviews Abuzer teamed up with Levi Hildebrand and traveled to Tilburg to check out how the sixth city of the Netherlands is totally on point when it comes to re-purposing their old buildings for new and awesome functions.

Remember Levi? He vlogged about life in the Netherlands and you guys loved it. He was that international student desperate for a home, he was my buddy for a day in Rotterdam checking out some of that crazy architecture. Since then his channel blew up (whoa, 57K subs!) and he moved back to Canada (which we love).

But then a mail dropped, Levi was making a comeback and asked to check out a Dutch city where they totally got ‘Adaptive Reuse’ of old buildings done right. And all that right after the LocHal in Tilburg is getting nominated for all kinds of prices and the mysterious Doloris is about to open up. So we jumped on our fiets and went to see how Tilburg has given a new life to these old structures, enjoy:

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What did we check out in Tilburg?

So what’s going on there in Tilburg? First of all, check up on our LocHal article and the building itself of course. It’s a brand new library, but much more than that, in a giant old locomotive hall and right next to the train station.

We’ve visited ‘De Wagon’  before, you can read all about that right here in this article on why a daytrip to Tilburg is a great idea.

And at the end we visited Tilburg’s latest attraction/experience: Doloris!
Doloris is officially a maze and a rooftop bar. But that description is cutting it way too short so we’re going to talk about that crazy unique experience in another article.

Liked Levi’s video? Checked out Doloris already? What’s your favourite old building with a new life in the Netherlands? Drop a comment or join us in the DutchReview group

Abuzer Van Leeuwen
Abuzer Van Leeuwenhttp://www.abuzervanleeuwen.nl
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