If you’ve been around in the Netherlands for just as long as DutchReview has (3 years and something) then by now you know a few things about the Dutch. They love gezelligheid, cycling through crappy weather and they are absolutely torn apart about the way (Zwarte) Piet should look. So when the Sinterklaas arrival was coming up in Leiden we just knew we had to be there.

DutchReview’s First Movie

But we weren’t just there. We brought in the big guns and went for a full video report of all the happenings in Leiden that Saturday. So Elisanne, Lennart, Marius and yours truly went to the spot where all the happy children welcomed the old white bearded Sinterklaas and his helpers. It’s these helpers, Zwarte Pieten, about which is so much to do nowadays and this day Leiden was the epicentre of the Dutch struggle with this part of their struggle with their national identity. So here it goes, Sinterklaas’ arrival:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stQ-XJHvvyo[/embedyt]

Yep, we went from jolly kids to the angry fringes of adult society hurling insults at each other – what a day! The Netherlands sure hasn’t settled this debate yet. For more on the ‘Zwarte Piet’ discussion there are tons of articles on DutchReview – this has been going on since 2013. 

What’s this? Bone Pete? Dino Pete? Cannibal Pete?

For more DutchReview movies, hit that follow button on YouTube and make sure you liked us on Facebook already. Also since it’s our first time, we’re genuinely interested in what you’d thought! Was it funny? How was the camerawork? Learnt anything new? Elisanne’s haircut? It was all awesome and you’re gonna share?

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