The wolves are back!

As we speak, millions of people are trying or have already seen the new episode of Game of Thrones. But wolves are returning in various ways to the low countries.
Being the small country that we are, our economic development has inevitably left us deprived of the forests and natural habitats that once covered our beautiful flat nation. The natural environment left to us is divided over a series of small patches all by itself incapable of sustaining the top of our original food chain: wolves. To the east our German freunde have experienced the same phenomenon but have recently witnessed the first packs of wolves migrating back across the border from eastern Europe due to smart ecological management.

Our former prime minister and Harry Potter lookalike Jan Peter Balkenende managed to get his cabinet behind a plan dubbed the “ecologische hoofdstructuur”. This plan meant for the strategic acquisition  of farmland, enabling us to create a protected area of natural environment reaching all the way to the German border. After several decades of centrally coordinated environmental policy the plan would allow the most wicked creature ever to inhabit our lands to return of its own accord through intelligent reallocation of our existing farmland. This confirmed what I already believed, Harry Potter would side with the Starks had he lived in the seven kingdoms and for good reason. Lets face it,  anyone obstructing the return of the Stark’s Sigil to its native lands is indirectly supporting the Lannisters in their evil ways.

Balkenende's other achievement was screwing up the Dutch economy
Balkenende’s other achievement was screwing up the Dutch economy (Source:

Mark Rutte is the man who, having usurped the throne, has been working against the royal family from the moment he entered into office. Due to the financial crisis his conservative party has been slashing government expenditures blindly in his first term in office and is continuing to do so even as the IMF is warning  about the risks associated with such policy. Rutte knows that his expenditure cuts are upsetting a several decade-spanning plan that is supported by political parties across the board but has proven himself blind to criticism. Our late prince and hunting fanatic Bernhard would turn  in his grave if he learned that the usurper is preventing this king of beasts from returning to our kingdom in the north.

No comment needed
Prince Bernhard – no comment needed (Source: Dutch National Archive)

Featured picture from: Making of the Game of Thrones


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