Be warned the activists are going to nail you

Brace yourself because Dutch animal rights activists are coming to an embassy near you to drop off their nail clippings and demand that you ban the ivory trade. They were merely garnering support at the Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions in Amsterdam this month. Now they’re going to take action!

You know the Dutch mean business when they mark their territory. Back in the day they used a touch of humour and a fuzzy costume to endear themselves to the public. But now they are going military on poachers. They have asked their supporters to send nail clippings to four addresses to be found on so that it can be presented to embassies in China, Vietnam and South Africa among others.
The Dutch want to demonstrate a point – poachers are messing with their planet and the magnificence of their favourite game parks and safari spots. And no one gets in the way of that.

You’re going to have the Dutch and their rights speeches on your doorsteps suckers. And by golly, do they make strong arguments. Their language alone is intimidating with words and phrases like ‘schandalig’ and ‘bij de beesten af’ or ‘volkomen belachelijk’.

On the upside though if you need a partner on the debating team call a Dutchy, country code +31.


 We mean business
‘We mean business’                                                                                      Pictures: Inga Strydom


Those boots are made for marching



And one of these days those boots are gonna march all over you. The Dutch go to great lengths to stand up for what they believe in. They will look danger in the eye and not flinch. Marchers could not even be bothered by the insults hurled their way or the looks of disapproval.

They’re on a mission and in their culture they’re programmed to give 1000%. All or nothing baby. Freedom of expression is an important ideal in the Netherlands and according to the locals it is worth protecting at any cost. Well some have to take a stand to lead others to epiphany. On that note, roughly 140 countries participated in the Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions this year and it stands to reason that the marchers in Amsterdam led the way.


Location, location, location…


Where better to cultivate a global message to ban the ivory trade and bring elephants, rhinos and lions back from the brink of extinction than Amsterdam, a city that epitomizes progressiveness. Where the sweet aroma of hash permeates the air setting your mind and spirit free. Money couldn’t buy a better location to rally for the protection of wildlife. My advice for the future is slap on a costume, beat your drum, sign the petition, put your name on the list, shout your slogan and march along with this charismatic Dutch bunch.





Inga Strydom
Inga Strydom
I am a South African journalist with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and pushing the envelope on how people relate to the environment. I have seen some hectic things and I have heard my fair share of bizarre accounts. Follow me on Twitter where I go by my Dutch name:


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