One dead in current hostage

A story is currently unfolding of a suspected terrorist attack in Trèbes, in the South of France. There is currently a gunman (who has allegedly swore allegiance to the Islamic State), taking hostages at a local ‘Super U’ supermarket. The hostage has already killed 1 person. They are unsure if anybody else has been injured or killed. Police are at the scene and are currently dealing with the situation.

Location of Trèbes: Google maps

Shots fired at police

There has also been reports of a French policeman, who was shot just before the hostage took place. Luckily, the policeman does not have life threatening injuries. They are unsure whether it is linked, but it sure does sound like it.

Terror attacks

This is not the first and probably not the last terror attack that will hit France. Not to mention other areas around Europe (and the world). My homeland, Britain, has been targeted many times over the past year. Hopefully at some point soon, this will come to an end. Dutch authorities are always making sure that this does not move to the Netherlands.

We hope the situation is resolved soon. We’ll keep you updated.

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