Anne Faber was first hidden in another spot

Anne Faber her body was first hidden in another spot by Michael P. 

The case of Anne Faber continues to astonish the Netherlands as the AD reports that Michael P. first hid the body of Anne at another place before he brought it to Zeewolde – where she was found. How, why or when he did so is still not clear. The police has also found blood in a car P. was driving at the time and then might expect he had no means to transport the body of Anne Faber when he murdered her.

The AD also reports that on the night of Anne Faber’s D  disappearance Michael P.  drove around on a stolen and uninsured scooter, detectives are thinking he was looking to do some burglary that night.

Michael P. also accused of rape

It’s still unclear what exactly happened that night but more grim details keep coming in slowly but steadily. The OM announced last Wednesday that P. is not only suspected of the murder of Anne Faber but also of “unlawful deprivation of liberty and rape”. The ministery of Justice is still working on a timeline to get an accurate picture of what has happened.

The aftermath of the Anne Faber case

It might be too early to tell, but this case is really shaking up how the Dutch justice system approaches sick criminals such as Michael P. – How in the world could a man who was convicted of raping two underage girls get so much freedom only 5 years after his crime? The new minister of justice, Ferdinand Grapperhaus of the CDA, has a tough dossier on his desk with the case of Anne Faber will surely continue to be in the news for years to come.

Ferdinand Grapperhaus – Source: wikipedia

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