Anne Faber still missing – known sex offender arrested

For more than a week now the Netherlands is wondering where Anne Faber is. The 25-year-old student is missing since she went for a bike ride in the forests surrounding Utrecht. Her bike, jacket and bag were already found and just now the news broke that the police has apprehended a suspect.

Anne Faber is still missing, the right pic was her last selfie

The suspect: a known sex-offender

In Den Dolder a 27-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of Anne Faber. It is a sexual offender who is being treated in a psychiatric clinic. The suspect is also still ‘doing time’ for violent and criminal offenses, as the police reports. He was now occupied with his return to society and it is not yet clear how he is involved with this case. 

Although it is not yet clear what he exactly has to do with the case of Anne Faber, these aren’t positive signs. According to the police, the main purpose of the investigation is to find out where Anne is and how the suspect is involved.

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