Cashless shopping at Albert Heijn: shop without going through a cash register

“What is cashless shopping?” you may ask. Well, it’s the future of shopping! No more standing in line at the cash register. No more self-checkout machines either. Here is how this mysterious and futuristic method of shopping works.

Cashless shopping at Albert Heijn: a new way to shop

When you hear cashless shopping, the first thing you might think of is using your card instead (or as we say in the Netherlands – pinnen). But no, this new method of shopping is actually something completely different. Very soon you will be able to shop and pay at Albert Heijn just by using your phone!

How does this work? Customers receive a special pass, a “tap to go” card, which they have to scan on the shelf from which they have taken a product. As soon as you are out of the store, the amount is automatically debited from your account after ten minutes. You can also use your Android phone instead of the pass. Unfortunately, there is no application for iPhones yet.

This new system will be tested out in two Albert Heijn To Go stores at the Amsterdam Medical Center as well as the store at Amsterdam Central Station. Customers who do not want to participate can still pay at the cash register. Depending on how customers in those stores feel about the new system, it will be determined when other stores will implement the new payment method.

Cashless shopping at Albert Heijn: we still have a ton of questions

One of the main questions surrounding the new system is whether Albert Heijn employees will lose their job due to cashless shopping. However, according to Jan-Willem Dockheer, director of Albert Heijn To Go, no jobs will be lost due to this change. Employees will instead stand in the middle of the store and help customers with questions. It is also possible that more work will be needed because the shelves will have to be refilled faster.

Another question regarding cashless shopping is whether theft will increase. However, according to Spar’s experience in cashless shopping, there was no increase in theft. In fact, the new system encouraged customers to buy more. We are still not sure how exactly Albert Heijn will make sure you have payed before you leave, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

How do you feel about Albert Heijn implementing cashless shopping? Will you be trying out this new system? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m not sure that I see the benefit over the traditional scan and pay system to be honest. The only downside to the current system is needing to get you phone out to scan your bonus card barcode into the reader.


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