Cycling over a school is now a thing in Utrecht

The story of the Dafne Schippers bridge

What to do if you want to connect one area to the other, but there is not a lot of space? Just go up! The city of Utrecht was in desperate need for space to build a cycling- and pedestrianbridge to connect the area of Leidsche Rijn to the city center. Not only did the bridge need to cross the ten-lane A2 and the Amsterdam-Rijn Kanaal, it also needed to go through the densely built (and monumental) area Oog in Al.

Oog in al

Top of the school…

There were some trees and a primary school in the way. But instead of just cutting the trees and demolishing the school building, Utrecht decided built the bridge in between the trees. A part of the school was rebuilt with a cycling lane on top, so the bridge could go over the school. Cyclists coming from Leidsche can now curl their way down into the city over a school. And school children can stare out of the windows, gazing at cyclists coming down or going up. I wonder what that will do for their grades..

Fast cycling; fast name

Inhabitants of Utrecht and Leidsche Rijn are very excited about the bridge, as it will cut down travelingtime between Leidsche Rijn and the center at least 15 minutes. No wonder they named it after the fastest woman in the city (and sometimes the world): Dafne Schippers, who was actually born in Oog in Al. Fun last fact: the building of the bridge attracted a lot of viewers. To accomodate them, the municipality placed a stand.


Now where else would you see that?

Meral Van Leeuwen
Meral Van Leeuwen
Meral van Leeuwen is an editor, writer and food-addict. Brother of the other Van Leeuwen here. From Rotterdam, living in Utrecht. She authored the book 'IBB-boek'.


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